Bitch Falcon: Of Heart

Three years on from an initial explosive emergence, the Dublin-based three-piece haven’t so much discovered their voice as relentlessly refined it. If anything, they relish in sharp declarations, their signature sound always moving forward even when throwing a nod to the past. The aesthetic is raw, even a touch frenzied, yet the chaos is controlled in a ferocious through line that harnesses the strongest elements of rock, grunge, metal, hardcore and melodic electro-pop. Through it all, Bitch Falcon make this busy mix sing in a distinctive, once-heard-not-forgotten voice.

Bitch Falcon: Of Heart

Pulsating tracks like ‘Wolfstooth’, ‘Breed’, ‘TMJ’ and ‘Clutch’ speak to a band unwilling to sit still and stay quiet. These are songs of punch, grit and verve. Up close and personal, they make an even greater impact as the band’s deserved reputation as one of Ireland’s most engaging live prospects comes to the fore. In their short time together, the trio have shared the stage with the likes of Fucked Up, Torche, The ZZZ’s, Glen Hansard, Fight Like Apes, No Spill Blood and Red Enemy, unapologetically stealing the spotlight at every turn.

Bitch Falcon: Of Heart

Bitch Falcon: Of Heart Lyrics:
Not far from here, there’s a man of heart,
He knows to rest but he can’t wake up,
I know, I know, I know it

Not hard to see you the one who cares,
Just so I know which way I’m brought up
I know I know I know it

Not far from here you went another home,
This one you don’t quite know as home yet
I know I’ll stay here for you

It’s not hard to see you the one in charge
Just so you don’t go on and fall apart
I know, i know i know it

Put the piece of gold in the silver pot
Just so you don’t go and spend all
I know ill save it for you

And all the while
I see right in your eyes a glimpse of who you are
I know that in your head you can’t control the world
I know you’ll wanna change your mind, so many times
I’ve seen it all before me, better see enough again