Baby In Vain – The Urge

Baby In Vain have shared vital new cut ‘The Urge‘.


The Danish trio will release new EP ‘For The Kids’ on April 29th, and have just confirmed a trio of live dates supporting The Kills.
‘The Urge’ is a vital, blood-curdling new track, with Baby In Vain comparing a killer’s blood-lust to a partner’s urge to stray.
Vocalist Andrea explains: “‘The Urge” wasn’t always the smash hit it is today. It actually started out as being kind of a simple, classic, riff based rock. Though we all liked the song, it didn’t really seem to reach its full potential, and we couldn’t quite figure out what to do about it. Then our producer, Mads Bergland, did something completely mental. He replaced all of the rhythm guitar, with a synth bass. The first time we listened to it we were in shock. It was so unlike anything we had ever done musically. But then it just started to make sense, and now none of us can even remember the original idea. It was exactly what needed to be done to the song!”

Baby In Vain – The Urge Lyrics: