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Emily Correia - Love Through The Distance

Emily Correia – Love Through The Distance

Emily Correia is a singer/songwriter from the smallest state of Rhode Island currently based in Boston, Massachusetts. *This song is dedicated to new friends of mine who inspired it, and the brave friends of mine who embark on the journey of a long distance relationship. I know it’s not for the faint of heart. Emily […]

Anna Renee - Lone Wolf

Anna Renee – Lone Wolf

Los Angeles based singer, songwriter, and actress Anna Renee Roberts is a rising star to follow in 2015. With the release of the award winning musical web-series she executive produced and starred in, Destroy the Alpha Gammas, and the release of her first single, Guilty, Anna Renee is a talented triple threat on the scene. […]

Dru Chen - You Got It Babe

Dru Chen – You Got It Babe

Dru Chen is an emerging soul/funk/pop artist who once turned down a Berklee Scholarship to concentrate on his own writing. Equally proficient on guitar, keyboards and bass, Dru stands out first and foremost for his soulful vocals. His stunning falsetto, powerful belting and catchy songwriting draw from the soul lineage of Prince, Stevie Wonder and […]

Natalie McCool - Oh Danger

Natalie McCool – Oh Danger

The family name McCool has its roots in Irish legend; the giant Finn McCool was said to be a mythical hunter-warrior of Irish folklore. It wasn’t until many generations later that the McCool family emigrated from their native Ireland to settle where Natalie grew up – in Widnes, Cheshire – a small industrial town, with […]

Chiara Hunter - Strange Relationships

Chiara Hunter – Strange Relationships

Originally from Melbourne, Australia, Chiara Hunter moved to London only a few years ago. The 23 year old, who grew up listening to the likes of Prince, The Time, Stevie Wonder and Erykah Badu has been described as Future Funk with an evident 90s vibe. Involved in songwriting with other artists and producers in London, […]

Metric - The Shade

Metric – The Shade

Metric is Emily Haines, Jimmy Shaw, Joshua Winstead and Joules Scott-Key. An independent rock and roll band empowered by their innovative approach to the music business, METRIC self-released their last album FANTASIES on five continents without the benefit of a label and earned themselves multiple radio hits around the world with songs such as “Gimme […]

Cappa - This Is Love

Cappa – This Is Love

Cappa: Indie pop that sounds like Broods collided with Taylor Swift on a dreamy day, infused with soothing electronics. Originally from outside of Philadelphia, 24 year old Carla Cappa was practically born writing melodies. No newbie to the music scene, she released her first album in 2009 where her single “I’m Not” won her 1st […]

Shura - White Light

Shura – White Light

Quickly being hailed as one of the break-out new talents of the year, Shura is a singer, producer, remixer and video editor from Shepherds Bush. She was born in Moscow to a Russian actress (who made a cameo in ‘Mission Impossible’) and an English documentary filmmaker. Keen to impress her brother, who’d DJ drum-and-bass at […]

Gavin Turek - Pride

Gavin Turek – Pride

It’s impossible not to become infatuated with disco-pop princess Gavin Turek. The LA Native is always clad in a hand-made 70s fringe dress (she has one in every color) and armed with the best dance moves you’ve ever seen. It’s easy to draw comparisons anywhere from Tina Turner to Beyoncé but really, Gavin is her […]

Victoria Monét - See the Light

Victoria Monét – See the Light

Born in Georgia and raised in Sacramento, Victoria Monet is an artist with a unique sound worthy of notice and recognition. Currently residing in Los Angeles, Monet ambitiously pursues her passion for music as she continues to grow as an artist, making a name for herself in this tough business and exploring the vast wealth […]

IAmDynamite - In The Summer

IAmDynamite – In The Summer

IAmDynamite is the spirited, anthemic noise duo of Christopher Martin (guitar, vocals) and Chris Phillips (drums, vocals), two Michigan high school friends raised on the Seattle sound and 80s pop – anything with a beat that makes them move is an influence. Their name comes from Nietzsche: “I know my fate. One day there will […]

Mission: Impossible Rogue (2015)

Mission: Impossible – Rogue Nation (2015)

After the events of Ghost Protocol, the IMF is being disbanded, and all its agents find themselves without the safety of their group identity. Ethan Hunt however, is nowhere to be found, and the CIA begin to ask questions. Turns out he’s off investigating the mysterious organisation of assassins known as the Syndicate. After a […]