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Kenny Lattimore - Love Me Back

Kenny Lattimore – Love Me Back

The Music Of Grammy-Nominated Singer/Songwriter Kenny Lattimore Reflects The Best Of All Worlds Because He Combines The Timeless Sounds Of Traditional R&B With His Own Unique Contemporary Flair To Create A Universal Sound That Transcends Boundaries And Appeals To Audiences Of All Ages, Races And Genres. His Body Of Work, Which Includes Hits Such As […]

Winters Island - Ares

Winters Island – Ares

Their debut single Ares, crafts a sound that is both familiar and unique, mixing layers of electro pop and indie with dark thrills from noisier genres. The journey since their launch in March 2014 has been packed full of surprises especially the interest shown by some of the industry’s heavyweights; Dermot O’Leary broadcast ‘Fire’ during […]

Resident Evil 5: Gold Edition Trainer

Resident Evil 5: Gold Edition Trainer

Resident Evil 5: Gold Edition (known in Japan as Biohazard 5: Alternative Edition) is an updated version of Resident Evil 5. The Resident Evil 5 PC base game already included some features that neither the PS3 nor Xbox 360 offered, like NVIDIA 3D Vision support and Mercenaries: No Mercy, which threw substantially more enemies at […]

Etherium Trainer

Etherium is the new, futuristic real-time strategy game developed by Tindalos Interactive, the studio that created Stellar Impact. This strategy game, exclusively for PC, offers a particularly dynamic and edgy gameplay with innovative game mechanics that revitalize the genre. In Etherium, three empires are engaged in a merciless struggle to control a handful of planets […]

Pillars of Eternity Trainer

Pillars of Eternity Trainer

Pillars of Eternity is a fantasy role-playing video game from Obsidian Entertainment for Microsoft Windows, OS X and Linux. Involved in production are Chris Avellone, Tim Cain, Adam Brennecke and Josh Sawyer. It is notable for its crowd funding campaign, which raised $3,986,929, at the time the highest funded crowd sourced video game on Kickstarter. […]

Idesia - Away

Idesia – Away

Idesia’s got more than a little something goin on, blending a delicious R&B, hip-hop, neo-soul, jazz smoothie into a satiating gift to the ears and soul. Sophie’s flawlessly unique timbre weaves in and out of the hip-hop drums, glossy keyboard lines and cleverly placed bass lines. One would think Dilla, Madlib or Flying Lotus are […]

G dot & Born - God Vibes feat. Planet Asia

G dot & Born – God Vibes feat. Planet Asia

G. Dot & Born relay the struggle of survival in the streets with hard-hitting raw lyrics, traditional gritty street beats and a confident delivery that takes Hip Hop back to its essence. G. Dot and Born stay true to the city that raised them and 90’s Hip Hop influences like J. Dilla, Sean P., Big […]

Kehlani - How That Taste

Kehlani – How That Taste

The Bay Area native got her start as a dancer — both ballet and modern — and attended Oakland School for the Arts. After an unfortunate knee injury leaving her unable to dance she transferred into vocal training and the rest is history. She began her journey into the music business when she joined Poplyfe […]

Okay Kaya - Damn, Gravity

Okay Kaya – Damn, Gravity

Kaya, aka Okay Kaya, has an interesting musical background, and not one you’d normally expect from a folk-tinged singer-songwriter. Born in New Jersey, Kaya moved to a small peninsula outside Oslo, Norway, before joining her brother’s black metal band as a guitarist when she was 15. Now, she finds herself in New York, but the […]

Kid Astray - It's Alright

Kid Astray – It’s Alright

Benjamin Giørtz, Elizabeth Wu, Alex Meek, Even Steine, Håkon Carlin and Jakob Bechmann – for it is they – may have only just finished school, but their musical studies have already earned them massive summer festival slots back home, critical plaudits from the likes of Rolling Stone and Radio 1 and a premiere of their […]

Toro Y Moi - Run Baby Run

Toro Y Moi – Run Baby Run

Chaz Bundick returns as Toro y Moi with his fourth full-length release, What For?). Previously revealed singles “Empty Nesters” and “Buffalo” have teased Bundick’s new fascination with ’70s disco and funk sounds. While the album’s latest track “Run Baby Run” continues to mine retro styles, it plays in a slightly different genre sandbox. The song […]

Ré Lxuise - Give Me Love

Ré Lxuise – Give Me Love

Singer/Songwriter Re’Lxuise is being introduced to the mainstream music market through a three-tracked visual EP series titled “Lxuise”. The reflective mellow-harmonied project features lead single “Shakespeare”; an ode to Re’s significant love in which she compares her infatuation to the romantically poetic era of the star crossed lovers 1564 novel. RéLxuise is a Detroit raised, […]