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Steven Christopher - Only One

Steven Christopher – Only One

American singer-songwriter and R&B/Soul rising star Steven Christopher is back with emotional new single called “Only One“. Born and raised in Memphis, Tennessee, Steven Christopher was influenced at an early age by it’s rich history in gospel and R&B. Self taught in song-writing and production, singing became second nature while traveling with his aunts and […]

Monifah - One Moment

Monifah – One Moment

Monifah Carter, professionally known as Monifah, is an American R&B singer-songwriter. She is best known for her hits “I Miss You (Come Back Home),” “You” and “Touch It.” Monifah‘s rich voice is the first thing you notice on her debut album, Moods … Moments, and it’s the thing that keeps the album afloat through its […]

Roxanna - Here With Me feat. James Scott

Roxanna – Here With Me feat. James Scott

It was while studying to be a nurse that singer/songwriter Roxanna witnessed first hand the healing power of music. Sitting bedside with a patient suffering from dementia, she sang gently to the elderly woman, who was no longer swallowing. “She looked into my eyes and for the first time, I saw her smile. And she […]

Cheatbook Issue March - 03/2015

Cheatbook Issue March – 03/2015

CheatBook March 2015 is a collection of cheats, hints, tips, walkthroughs and misc information that you can use to overcome some difficult game moments or to discover everything a certain game has to offer. This release comes with 324 PC game cheats, 11 PC walkthroughs and cheats for 60 console games. The application is put […]

Oh Wonder - Technicolour Beat

Oh Wonder – Technicolour Beat

London due Oh Wonder are known for their luscious productions that have topped Hypemachine an incredible six times already. Releasing one song a month for a year, Anthony and Josephine are currently on their sixth release – with their seventh due 1st March. As if they’re not busy enough, the pair have found time to […]

Sundara Karma - The Night

Sundara Karma – The Night

I’m loving the fact that there are a bunch of bands stepping up their game in 2015 — one more exciting than Reading quintet Sundara Karma. Their latest release, “The Night,” signals an emphatic progression from casual rockers to full-time storytellers in what is a truly emotive piece of rock. You can tell that a […]

Nader - Us

Nader – Us

Get familiar with the Jersey native Nader, Paired with a style and sense of confidence that would even drive Don Draper mad, Nader is nothing short but a billboard sensation in the making. Nader comes through with his music video for “Us,” which was directed and edited by Jay Munoz and produced by Eddie “Shy” […]

David Harks - Odyssey

David Harks – Odyssey

The Brighton, UK based singer David Harks is back with the fourth and final installment to complete his debut Lomo EP. Odyssey rounds out what has been a magnificent journey of introspective exploration and pushing boundaries musically. In what may be arguably the EP’s strongest effort, we get a slow burner that reminds us why […]

Dynasty Warriors 8 Empires Trainer

Dynasty Warriors 8: Empires Trainer

Dynasty Warriors 8: Empires known in Japan as Shin Sangoku Musou 7: Empires is the Empires adaptation of Dynasty Warriors 8: Xtreme Legends. The player becomes a hero from Three Kingdoms era, with the goal of unifying all of ancient China under their rule via strategy and battles! The Dynasty Warriors Empires games focus more […]

Kehlani - What Its All About Ft. Marteen Estevez

Kehlani – What Its All About Ft. Marteen Estevez

The Bay Area native got her start as a dancer — both ballet and modern — and attended Oakland School for the Arts. After an unfortunate knee injury leaving her unable to dance she transferred into vocal training and the rest is history. She began her journey into the music business when she joined Poplyfe […]

Cilla Raie - Masterpiece

Cilla Raie – Masterpiece

Cilla Raie emerging from the UK’s creative urban scene, hailing from North London she began a career in music writing and performing most notably idolising R&B legends such as Aaliyah, Brandy and Destiny’s Child whom all she credits as key inspirations in her passion for music. Raised surrounded by music from family and friends, It […]

Valise - Charlie Gray

Valise – Charlie Gray

Hailing from Dallas, Tex., Valise is four guys playing the kind of ambient indie rock made popular by bands like Circa Survive, Lydia, Lovedrug and Deas Vail. They play a fresh brand of the genre, not letting their influences smother them into becoming carbon copies of the groups that have come before them. Formed in […]