Audrey Air – Night Terror

Audrey Aire is most certainly one of them. Hailing from New York City, Audrey released her first single to spotify 6 months ago. Much to her suprise it quickly rose in popularity, gaining an astonishing 100,000 listens with breathtaking speed. This is not a surprise to us. After getting a chance to check out some of her other songs, we realize what everyone else is realizing. Her brand of Alt/Pop is refreshing. Stirring. Audrey paints sonic landscapes that leave one feeling light and disconnected.

Audrey Air

Singer and songwriter Audrey Air shares her time between New York and Los Angeles, and her peacefully-composed new single “Night Terror” echoes delicately like elation at high altitudes. Its dynamic landscapes and wide vistas will quietly take your breath away.

Audrey Air: Night Terror

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