Amina Buddafly – Don’t Wanna Be Right

Amina Buddafly (formally known as member of the group “Black Buddafly”) was born and raised in Hamburg Germany, to a senegalese father and a german mother, where the story of her musical journey starts. Together with her older sister Sophie and her twin Jazz she began singing before she could talk, her Mother (a music lover who introduced her to the old Motown, The Jacksons, Earth Wind and Fire, Marvin Gaye etc.) says. There was always music playing in the house. Dad, who is a hobby Jazz musician, played the guitar, sax and salsa music all day long and Mom would sing with her daughters whenever she could. At the age of 6 Amina joined a classical choir and soon after she started doing musicals and toured with local pop acts and gospel groups. She started songwriting at the age of 13 and the day she discovered studio recording it was over. She just knew THIS was what she wanted to do. And there was no stopping her. She signed her first record deal in 1997 together with her sisters with BMG germany and released a single under the Name “Choyce”. But soon she realized there was something missing. In 2002, after a couple of more tries with other labels and production teams in germany and europe Amina and the girls took the big step. Without a plan, over night they packed their bags and flew to New York City with nothing but $600 dollars and a Dream. Leaving everything behind in Germany, they had no “choyce” but to “make it in America”. A few years ago after going through all the ups and downs this music business has to offer, Amina made the decision to from that point on only do what she loves without trying to please everyone else. Eventhough it was hard, she invested in a piano and started teaching herself. Her sound began to evolve even more and the songwriting became much more sophisticated. Through her big range of musical influences (it starts with her childhood idol Mariah Carey to ABBA to The Bangles, Carmen McRae, Joe Sample and her todays favorite Linda Perry), she has learned how to create timeless music. She’s all about vocal arrangement and big melodies. Amina’s describes her music as pure and real. Big songs with truthful, meaningful lyrics, musical and organic sounds and peerless harmonies.. and that is what sets her apart from others. She says: “Music is a feeling and I believe only if it comes from my heart and I really love it, people can feel it” Aside from her being an artist, Amina is very driven and determined to become a bigtime songwriter/composer. Her catalog holds more than 400 songs that she has written over the past few years. She also has learned how to engineer and produce.. instead of going/hanging out, she likes to stay home, work on her LOGIC skills, and practice the piano. Being around producers/writers all of her life and the opportunity to work with major labels which she gained tons of experience from was a blessing. She just never got the chance to shine, never put out an album and has yet to place a song on a major artist, which is the reason why today-more than ever-she is totally ready and has what it takes to get there.

Amina Buddafly – Don’t Wanna Be Right

Amina Buddafly – Don’t Wanna Be Right Lyrics:
ooo yeah yeah x7
oh yh. oo yeah yeah x7
oo yeah.
Verse 1:
I don’t really care how much (They got to say)
and I don’t really care how long (I gotta wait)
till you give it all to me baby… now i’m not gonna give up on our la la la la la love
Cause you, you got me twisted out my mind and I don’t mind
aw baby I do but i’m not giving you away i want you to stay, stay with me
and I know I might be wrong for loving you
and boy you might be wrong for loving me
but two wrongs just feels so right
two wrongs will be right tonight
two wrongs may be right for life
and if its wrong then I don’t wanna be right
ooo yeah x7
Verse 2:
I don’t care what I gotta do (to keep you with me)
and though we didn’t play by the rules ( I’m so glad that you’re here)
I’m ready to go all the way baby
so let me let you know again that I la la la la la la la love only you
You, you got me crazy for your love
and let it know
baby it’s true, i’m never giving you away I want you to stay
stay right here
I don’t wanna be right x 2
Amina Buddafly Dont Wanna Be Right Amina Buddafly   Dont Wanna Be Right

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