Alyssa Marie – Hold On Tight

Alyssa Marie was born into a large extended Lebanese-American family on April 2, 1989 on the south shore of Massachusetts in Brockton. She grew up working alongside her family in the agricultural business they have built up over the last 75 years. Working from such a young age instilled a work ethic in Alyssa that could not be taught in a classroom. Lebanese families are notably close-knit; however, working together with them fortified her bond with her family, something that she feels has carried her through her toughest times. Ever since she learned how to write, Alyssa Marie could be found revealing her thoughts and feelings through poetry. Her work was published in various anthologies early on, but Alyssa didn’t discover true validation for her writing until later on in a slightly different avenue. Although she claims she cannot sing, Alyssa has always loved music, especially Hip-Hop. Her love for poetry gradually transformed into a passion for rap, and by the age of 15 she had recorded her first verse. She bounced around between the low-budget home studios of different friends, recording verses whenever the opportunity presented itself. Alyssa Marie’s first investment toward her music career was a $50 microphone she paid for at the age of 16 so she would be able to record her own work from home. At the time, a career in rap seemed unimaginable, but this was far more than a hobby. Her work quickly became her life.

Alyssa Marie – Hold On Tight

The song “Hold on Tight” holds the message of coming together through the common ground of struggle. Although we all have our own individual crosses to bear that make us feel like we’re the only ones going through it, everyone has their own version of it. Knowing that we all share this same feeling in our otherwise different situations can help us move forward together, helping each other instead of isolating our own problems. This video was shot in the city of Brockton, MA, a city of struggle but also of perseverance. Thank you to its people for participating. Video produced by Anthony and James Deveney, Identical Films.

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