Adrian Truth – Vice

“Adrian ART Truth” the rnb crooner started off innocent enough, a quiet kid singing in the church choir. With his mother and older brother coaxing his natural abilities, Adrian discovered his calling at only four years old. “My brother and I would always act like we were in a music group and put on shows for everybody,” said Truth. “We were just having fun with it, but all the girls in the neighborhood kept telling me how good I was and how much they liked it so I kept it up.” Now in his twenties, Truth has surpassed the days of serenading the block and took to the masses with his experimental mixtape entitled “Truthfully Speaking” released in 2010. (And latest release 2013 EP Euphoria Bloom) Like most artists, Truth strives for a national stage, but this KC/Independence, MO native has his roots firmly implanted in the local scene. Truth’s hometown pride shows through while he simultaneously tries to set himself apart from other artist. ​While Truth’s style and panache take his music to another level, what differentiates him wholly is hes also a skilled Illustrator/exclusive graphic designer. Three things that no one can argue First, he is talented beyond belief. Second, he is hungry for success and an identity in the entertainment buisness. Adrian Truth has Collaborated with artists JP.the CityNative, JL Bhood, Steddy P, Ces Cru member Ubiquitous of Ces Cru, Tef Poe, Info Gates, Joey Cool, Gee Watts, Reach and thePhantom of COA.

Adrian Truth – Vice

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Adrian Truth - Vice

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