Adrian Marcel – I Get It Ft. Casey Veggies

Adrian Marcel – I Get It Ft. Casey Veggies. The incredibly talented singer/songwriter known as Adrian Marcel is back! He returns to the scene today with a brand new video for our enjoyment, which is for his track “I Get It”. The track is an incredibly dope, soulful, pure R & B number. Adrian Marcel is an artist to observe because you start to slow down 2014 and begin 2015 plus when his debut album from Republic Records is introduced upcoming year, I am certain he will be an artist everyone is checking for.

Adrian Marcel ft. Casey Veggies – “I Get It” (Official Video)

Marcel croons over a chill instrumental driven by flamenco guitar, and lets women know that he “gets it.” Veggies hops on the track towards the end and delivers a verse in increasingly higher pitches, creating the illusion that he’s raising his voice when talking to the woman in question in the song.

Adrian Marcel – I Get It Ft. Casey Veggies Lyrics:
(Intro) Crazy
(Verse: Adrian Marcel)
I shant real, know you wen hard
Like a tropic on a payway
Wished yo life was that easy, yeah
Always on the grind, tryna just get it on yo own
I know you gotta do what you gotta do

Some people that just want
Some people like to drag
I ain’t here to judge us

Said this is your soft, real no doubt
I just wish out(?) if you feel it bag out tonight
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I’mma let ya know, my nigga, I get it
I get it, I know why you hit it
Times get hard, nigga I get it
I get it, I know why you hit it

(Verse: Adrian Marcel)
I ain’t burn hours
Two things out of my own
Steady climbin’ what she gon’ do
That is nothin’ that she won’t do, my
You know we just friends
She say she wish I was a man
Cause I been doin’ thing I would neva do

They just wanna fxxx
That’s the deal, you wanna fuck
And if she wants the lips around this, said

Said this is your girl, for real, no doubt
I’mma ease yo mind, turn it all around tonight
Don’t be ashamed, girl, I get it
I know why you hit it
Damn, you know, but I get it
I get it, I know why you hit it

(Verse: Casey Veggies)
Girl, we know, hit it
We was workin’ out there to that DUO business
Open all our business, since sinnin’s been different
See more into religion, cause apart from the sinnin’
I’m not finished, I’m tryna get ill with henness
How I can make you remember was out on tour in 07′
We had sex in the Sever, girl, I can neva forget it
I’m so damn relentless, I neva think of my feelins
I just love how I be feelin’, grace that sexual healin’
Then got chance that I hit it, like a banana I peel it
Then put yo legs to the ceilin’, yeah, I know that you wid it
And you know that I get it
Every time that I’m gone, see like the ? of my phone
And I’m comin’ back home.
Adrian Marcel - I Get It Ft. Casey Veggies