Actor – Feline

Actor is the alias of Louisa Osborn, collaborating producer Chris Mulligan and drummer Ste Anderson, who started writing their caustic and atmospheric alt-pop in a murky art space once home to a bomb factory in Leeds. The central focus of ACTOR is Louisa’s stunning voice that soars over idiosyncratic guitars and taut yet elegant production, creating a push-and-pull of styles that intimates a raucous spirit in the recordings.

Actor - Feline

Feline is, in Actor’s words, “filled with rage and disappointment yet tinged with a strange sort of dark wonder“
If this debut is anything to go by, Leeds’ Actor are going to be one of the 2015 break-through acts to watch. Intensely focused and tinged with fury, Feline is pop music at it’s best.

Actor – Feline

Actor – Feline Lyrics:

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